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Whether you're interested in information dispersal, product enhancement, interaction for relationship building, transaction, or system-to-system integration, the Dillon Group can help you research, analyze, develop the business case, design, implement and evaluate your eBusiness project or program. It's a process of:

discover.. define.. design.. develop.. deploy.. defend

Whatever your needs-

    customer relationship management; portal segmentation; collaborative planning, forecasting and replinishment; eProcurement or supply chain management; product launch management; team collaboration, training and knowledge management; sales channel management; new product paradigm development, or new media business model identification

- the Dillon Group can help you understand the options, plan and implement your organization's eBusiness initiative.


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Our experience has helped us develop a unique customer-focused consulting process that places special emphasis on change management during every step of every stage of the process  - because we know that the most successful eBusiness tactics reinforce the "change" through customer participation and education, and internal change management strategies - so that the new processes are truly changed processes.